Changing anti virus supplier.

  pub 15:34 13 Dec 09

My current anti virus suppliers subscription runs out in 20 days time . I am changing to a different supplier which needs to be downloaded ( Kaspersky from Barclays Bank ). Should I download the new software a couple of days before the old one runs out and then activate it when necessary ? Is this possible and what problems
are there ?

  bremner 15:36 13 Dec 09

Download the new AV.

Then go offline and uninstall your current AV.

Install the new AV.

Go online and let theAV update it definitions.

Do a full sacn.

  citadel 16:16 13 Dec 09

av installs stuff deep in your pc to prevent attacks, best download a removal tool from support site of whatever av you have now. this will ensure all traces are removed. if old av not removed properly the new av may refuse to install saying another program is present.

  rawprawn 16:25 13 Dec 09

Do as bremner says, you can activate Kaspersky as soon as you load it. It makes no difference the license will be renewed in 12 months.
If the download is for Kaspersky 2009 you can upgrade free of charge to the 2010 version which is better.

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