changing the amount of virtual memory

  cathodbach 14:03 04 Oct 05

My program says it needs 3mb of virtual memory to run. How can i change my computer to accept this ? I have 1 gb ram

  Yoda Knight 14:22 04 Oct 05

Increase the size of your page file

  pj123 15:03 04 Oct 05

Are you sure it says 3mb?

What program is it? What O/S are you running?

The default of most windows versions I have seen is "allow windows to manage your virtual memory" and the minimum I have seen is around 140mb and the maximum is the total space left on your hard drive?

I am running Win 98SE with 512mb ram and have set my own virtual memory as "minimum 200mb" and "maximum 400mb". I haven't had any problems with virtual memory yet.

  wheelie 18:45 05 Oct 05

Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory. Click the "Change" button. Insert appropriate values and click "Accept". Reboot.

  DieSse 01:10 06 Oct 05

You shouldn't need to change it. Have you actually tried to run the program? What happens?

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