changes in google search

  elbecko 24 Aug 11

lately when i have done a search in google images the result page has changed from what i've been used to. the non google image searches are fine though.

i used to get the usual results and at the bottom of the page i'd have the option to look at more pages. however now instead of page numbers i can go to i get a little bar saying show more results. when i click on that all i get is the same page i've already seen.

also after a few lines of images shown there will be the words page 2, page 3, etc. it never had that before. even the basic layout of the results seems a little different.

i've gone to the search settings and checked that nothing has changed over the last few weeks and everything is the same.

so basically the results of an image search gives me one page of search results and thats it. i cannot access any more pages, just the original page. how can i change this?


  polymath 24 Aug 11

Same here when I tried it just now - 'More results' at the bottom of the 1st page got more pages to scroll down to from the 1st page. I'd noticed it before, but hoped it was a temporary glitch. I found the old system, with a web page per page (of lots of images) clearer and easier to navigate.

If smaller pages are more popular, fair enough; but there's something funny going on with the number of results. My search got about 5,370, apparently. 'More results' made it 45 pages (and that was all I could get). So about 120 images per page? No, just 18. Where did the other 4,560 results go?

  Covergirl 24 Aug 11

Progress. Google searches have been changing regularly over the months and years. One example - I used to enter the site name (e.g. Facebook) in the search box and hit the "I Feel Lucky" button - this option is still available but works differently.

Progress I tell you!!

  elbecko 25 Aug 11

i just did an image search for the beatles and i got a page of images of around 220. i then clicked 'see more images' and got the same page again. however at the top of the page it mentions that there are over 23 million results!

i'm going to see if there is a google forum and see whats happening.

  polymath 25 Aug 11

Maybe there's some connection with the 'personalisation' trend; the insidious way online companies increasingly serve up stuff based on their crude demographics, and on what we've searched for in the past (making nonsense of carefully chosen keywords). I don't know about you, but I tend to search for things I haven't already found. (Just bought a printer? What you're most in need of just now, apparently, is another printer). The location demographic seems the most difficult thing to shake off. Getting on the internet was a lifeline in this rather isolated place, and the last thing I want is search results getting confined to where I live. Sorry - this isn't much help to elbecko (should be in the Soapbox forum!)

  elbecko 26 Aug 11

i've just posted a thread about these changes on the google forum. from what i've read its been changed for a while and a number of people love it. it would be great if people were given the option to go back if they wanted to the old way.


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