Changes after dowloading Open Office

  griffon56 15:15 28 Jul 08

Running Win XP SP3 on HP Pavilion machine, I recently downloaded Open Office 2.4.1. After setup I wrote a single-page document in it. It printed out 5 copies before I stopped the printer.

At start-up Zone Alarm and AVG do not load as usual and they have to be opened to make them run instead of it being automatic.

Is this down to Open Office? has anyone experienced the same faults? Have I possibly got a nasty?

  Ditch999 16:52 28 Jul 08

What version of ZA and AVG?
You do realise there was quite a bit of distress caused by them in conjunction with SP3 and a certain MS update.

  griffon56 17:08 28 Jul 08

Yes, thanks Ditch999, I did know about the upheaval and I have the latest versions of ZA and AVG, proof against the MS update. They had been working perfectly normally prior to downloading Open Office. That was the only change before the trouble started. Any ideas?

  Ditch999 17:43 28 Jul 08

Cant see OpenOffice doing that.

Run complete virus/malware scans in Safe Mode.

  griffon56 14:20 29 Jul 08

Nor can I to be honest. I'm grasping at straws. I've done the scans with no result, so I'm uninstalling OO to see if things return to normal. Thanks for your help.

  €dstowe 14:31 29 Jul 08

If, by any change, OO has caused this, uninstalling may not solve the problem as your machine may "remember" that OO was there. Much better to do a System Restore or, better still, a re-install from backup.

A point in OO's favour, I've used and installed it a number of times and it has never caused anything like that.

  griffon56 15:34 29 Jul 08

Hi €dstowe, I was hoping that wouldn't happen because I religiously use CCleaner to clear out all the registry issues and conflicts when I have uninstalled software and I've only a week ago done an XP reinstall from disc with all the upheaval that causes. It is the first time I've tried OO after using Office 97 for years and that's why I thought that the changes were down to it. However, that's two of you saying it's unlikely so I'll look elsewhere. Thank you both.

  Chas49 15:38 29 Jul 08


Just a thought - perhaps over zealous use of CC?

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