A² Changes ?

  rawprawn 09:21 16 Dec 05

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Courtesy of Curlywhirly

  Hamish 11:58 16 Dec 05


  ACOLYTE 12:38 16 Dec 05

So basically its a stand alone scanner that you have to redownload each time to keep it up to date?
Witch is really what the free version is now a stand alone scanner but with the update option,cos thats all you get unless you buy the thing.

  rawprawn 13:39 16 Dec 05

Thats how I understand it, although I am not pleased at having to download each time I want to scan using what I consider to be the best free scanner.

  spuds 14:02 16 Dec 05

Over the next year or two, I think you will find that many 'free' protection and safeguard programmes will have major changes to them, especially the freeware editions, which may become shareware or full product purchase only.

  ACOLYTE 14:40 16 Dec 05

Well to be honest i have it installed and keep it updated,but i never use the thing i have never had the need to,infact i dont know why i installed it,so to me the stand alone scanner would be a better option,then i can use it when/if i need to plus i have other apps that do the same thing,so maybe its a tad overkill on my part and they A2 have done me a favour.

  sunny staines 15:50 16 Dec 05

I scan with A2 free version every update and every weekend. Would be a real pain to download the program each time [glad I have unlimited broadband] .

A2 is an excellent program, but never seen itappear on any reviews or comparisons to other antispywear.

  ade.h 16:22 16 Dec 05

I'm using the purchased version - glad I chose it now.

  CurlyWhirly 16:40 16 Dec 05

I used to use the Personal (paid) version of a-squared but after reading that Microsoft will include keystroke logging and rootkit detection in their next version of their anti-spy application, I decided to revert back to the free version.

Also when I had the Personal version, I found that it came up with a lot of false positives and in the one instance I didn't Google before I deleted a critical system file using the a-squared guard feature!

Thank goodness I had a backup to get everything back up and running again.

I agree that it will be a pain downloading the free version EVERY time you want to run the scanner and I would think that altering access to this method will dramatically increase the a-squared server bandwidth allowance?

Currently you ONLY need to download the latest signatures which are relatively small in size?

  sunny staines 16:50 16 Dec 05

it is still open to feedback so might not happen as described.

  ventanas 17:01 16 Dec 05

Just putting this in my p's for reference. Thanks Dennis.

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