Changed hard disc, cannot get internet connection

  bill poster 17:07 16 Dec 09

computer says no. Fujitsu

vista ultimate installed

if I go into control panel and ask it to recognise a modem it cannot be set to 'yes'.

  howard64 17:10 16 Dec 09

have you run the cd that came with the motherboard?

  tullie 17:15 16 Dec 09

If its a router you have,just a case of connecting with your ethernet cable.

  Technotiger 17:39 16 Dec 09

Desktop or Laptop ?

  bill poster 17:40 16 Dec 09

thanks guys

Howard, no I dont have the CD- it was a recon..
network drivers, right?

tried the direct cable approach..

  bill poster 18:02 16 Dec 09

fujitsu laptop v5535 i think.

  Technotiger 18:43 16 Dec 09

That lappie has built-in Wireless LAN, but I am not too familiar with Vista wireless settings. Perhaps you could try the PCA Networking forum, on the left of this page.

  bill poster 18:59 16 Dec 09

cheers for everyones help- will try the other forum.

  Technotiger 19:11 16 Dec 09

So you had better Green-tick this thread as Resolved. Anyone else offering assistance will then know to look on the other forum!

Good luck.

  cream. 20:02 16 Dec 09

is it by usb or by ethernet cable?
Is it an ADSL or DSL modem?
What is the name and model number of the modem?

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