Changed e-mail address, still getting Spam.

  Cook2 15:43 11 Jan 05

I've been using Eliminate Spam for some time and it sends them all to the Junk or Quarantine folders which I have to delete, usually on a daily basis. Many are 'flagged'. I have tried banning senders and phrases in the Subject line but they appear to get round that by changing just one letter/number.

It's been suggested in the past, in these threads, that it's best to change the e-mail address, which I did yesterday and all seemed well but today I've had 9, 7 Quarantined and 2 in Junk folder.

Before and after changing my address I checked with Spybot, Adaware and Microsofts AntiSpyware that my system was clean.

I used to use Mailwasher but got fed up going through the list each time to sort out the wanted from the unwanted.

Any suggestions please?

  jagx400 16:12 11 Jan 05

I know this aint the complete solution but if you want to try gmail I have a few invites, been using it now for a few wkeks and have had only 1 spam

  Buchan 35 20:44 11 Jan 05

Cook 2 I`ve been using spybot, regularly updated , and AdAware SE also regularly updated and I`ve had no spam for about 6 months. I`ve also got AVG7, Avast $ Sp2 and it`s own firewall. I hope I`m not counting my chickens too early. But without being complacent I feel protected.

  Cook2 22:33 11 Jan 05

I can't understand how, with the new mail address, they got to me inside 24 hours.

How? I'm totally confused.

  Buchan 35 23:47 11 Jan 05

I`m not totally sure about this Cook 2 but are`nt you a Photographig businesman who will unfortunately pick up these idiots ?

  Buchan 35 23:51 11 Jan 05

Should have finished my thread, you obviously need better security. I`m going back to bottle of wine now and I sincerely wish you well. Big answer is get protected

  Cook2 00:38 12 Jan 05

Even more confused now. I changed my address from ********** to **********

I decided to revert back to Mailwasher but still received mail to the old address.

Used CCleaner to get rid of any rubbish.

I checked the system was clean, again, then deleted restore points. Rebooted, re-enabled restore points.

I've searched everywhere, I think, but can find anywhere showing my old address.

  Cook2 20:52 12 Jan 05

Success, at last. I left it for a few hours to give my poor old head a rest and when I returned and checked, I realised I hadn't configered the filters on Mailwasher properly.

So it looks like it's resolved.

  maddos 20:16 13 Jan 05

cook2, as far as I'm aware, it is no good changing what comes before the @ sign. You need to change your user name. That is what comes after the @ sign. Hope this helps

  Cook2 21:30 13 Jan 05

But with Bluyonder I have to use e.g.

if I change it to


howdo they find me so quickly.

I can't use

  maddos 11:59 15 Jan 05

COOK2. I can only go by wannadoo. which says the part before the @sign is not unique. The part after the @ sign,but before the full stop, must be unique to you. The part after the full stop is the providers part of the address and will always remain the same. Example "" So I can't see why you cannot use" As i said you can put any name before the @ sign, and the e-mail will still go to you. So to reiterate it is of no use just changing the part before the @ sign.

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