change SSID

  iqs 16:18 31 Dec 06

Netgear router.

Hi should I change my SSID ?.Still using defult NETGEAR.
If I change the name will my WPA.PSK require changing.

Thank you : )

  tb64 16:28 31 Dec 06

The SSID is so you cn find your network amongst others. Have you found, sometimes, that more than one wireless network is found? I can sometimes 'see' up to 2 others (neighbours) so a unique SSID will help seperarte them. Also if a hacker can see your SSID then they have an easier task of guessing your router log in name and password. If it's a Netgear it's probably Admin and dmin for e.g.

It's best to set your SSID to something meaningful to you but also to select to NOT broadcast the SSID. As you will already know it then it just needs entering into any other device connected wirelessly to your network.

So, no it won't effect your WPA.

  iqs 16:59 31 Dec 06

Hi tb64 and thanks for your assistance.

I have changed the SSID name,one question answered.
Sorry I have another.Is it possible to change the default router name from NETGEAR to another?.I have viewed the faqs on the NETGEAR web pages.Still none the wiser.

  iqs 20:53 31 Dec 06

Just found out that I can not change the router name.Thank your for your help,and Happy New Year to you all.

  Strawballs 23:05 02 Jan 07
  Gaz 25 00:06 03 Jan 07

Hiding SSID can cause problems with some wireless network cards/devices.

I wouldnt worry too much about hiding it, as a simple sniffer can reveal it.

  iqs 19:26 03 Jan 07

thank you Strawballs and Gaz 25 for your help : )

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