change search engine used by address bar

  PC_HelpMe 19:07 06 Jan 09

Hi all,

I use Firefox and, whenever I used to enter something in my address bar it would automatically take me to Google's search results.

Now, whenever I enter something in the address bar, a "Fast Browser Search" page appears instead. How can I change which browser search engine I use once I have entered something in the address bar?

Many thanks.

  PC_HelpMe 19:48 06 Jan 09

Of possible interest - I have already been into the Tools menu and selected "Add ons" - and have uninstalled the "Fast Browser Search" from the list - but despite restarting Firefox as requested, it is still bringing up my search results on the Fast Browser page.

  bluto1 21:35 06 Jan 09

I just wonder if your computer should be rebooted to incorporate the change.

  PC_HelpMe 18:39 07 Jan 09

I have rebooted yet it is still coming up. I am rather confused as to where else it is still within my computer's memory as it is obviously coming up still from somewhere?

  PC_HelpMe 19:18 10 Jan 09

Any ideas how I change which browser my computer uses when I enter something in the address bar and hit enter?

  Graham. 19:42 10 Jan 09

See if it is in Add/Remove programs.

  oh 19:49 10 Jan 09

try a spyware scan,unless you know its legit.Maybe a google of fast browser search+spyware to see if owt comes up.

  oh 20:00 10 Jan 09

run malawarebytes
click here
to rule out a browser redirect problem.
Ps I couldnt find a fast browser search add on?

  Sea Urchin 23:55 10 Jan 09

"Any ideas how I change which browser my computer uses when I enter something in the address bar and hit enter?"

Presumably by the time you enter something in the address bar you are already using the browser.

On Fast Browser I would agree with Graham. Check in Add/Remove Programs, and if it's there remove it.

  Graham. 09:37 11 Jan 09

It's a downloaded program click here

  oh 09:46 11 Jan 09

looks like an old browser you purchased? rather than a firefox add on as Jayzee33 mentioned, is where it appears on his system?
quote from your link Graham.
" Fast Browser is dead since 2005, IE7 and Firefox are powerful enough today"

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