Change router to BT Homehub 3?

  chub_tor 04 May 11

I am making the switch from my existing ISP to BT sometime over the next few weeks (waiting for a MAC right now). I will be doing the installation myself. I have a perfectly good router less than a year old but I will be supplied with the latest BT Homehub 3.

My question is do I need to use it? Has it any advantages that members know of?

  Pineman100 04 May 11
  chub_tor 04 May 11

Thanks Pineman100 I had already read that along with a number of other reviews of the Homehub 3 and seen that the only advantage it has over my present Sitecom router is that one of the ethernet ports is a gigabit one that I could take advantage of for my desktop. What I am wondering is if I really need to install the BT Homehub and instead continue to use my present router but with the new BT settings.

  Pineman100 05 May 11

What wireless protocol does your computer's wireless adaptor use? The BT Home Hub uses 802.11n which can give you a faster, longer-range wireless network. But only if your adaptor uses the same protocol - if it uses the older 802.11g then there's no real benefit.

  chub_tor 05 May 11

One laptop and one notebook are g so no benefit there unless I use one of my n adapters that I carry around, another laptop with built in n. But my Sitecom Router is already n so the wireless side of things makes no difference to me. But as I said in my earlier post the LAN on my motherboard is 1Gbit and as I understand it the new Homehub 3 has one of its LAN inputes that is also 1Gbit so perhaps a plus there.

My only real concern is how easy it is to transfer the BT settings into the Sitecom router instead of using those provided by the disc for the Homehub.

  Pineman100 05 May 11

I'm not sure whether this is what you need, but have a read of this web page

  Pineman100 05 May 11

Sorry - meant to add: scroll down the page to the blue panel - read the section called "BT broadband settings"

  chub_tor 05 May 11

Thank you Pineman100, that's pretty much what I was looking for. Thread closed.


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