Change partitions.

  rincewind66 04 Oct 11

I have just had my laptop back from being repaired. They put in a new-hard drive but have made a mistake with the partitions. So when I tried to reinstall my backed up files there wasn't enough room. My C drive has 97.7GB with 73.2 free and my D drive is 483GB with 475 free. How can i put this right? I am running windows 7 64bit

  robin_x 04 Oct 11

Shrink (resize) D, Move it to the end of the disk space, and expand C.

You can do this with Windows Disk Management (right click Computer/My Computer icon) Manage/Disk Management.

Right click the relevant partition for options.

If WDM gives you any hassle, use Partition Wizard

  rincewind66 04 Oct 11

Thanks for quick reply. Unfortunately I have tried both methods without success. I can resize D but neither method will let me enlarge C. I don't know if this means anything or not but C says primary and D says logical. I also have 2 hidden partitions. 1 says 'system reserved and the other is the OEM partition. Both these are primary.

  Jollyjohn 04 Oct 11

D is a logical drive therefore it will be contained within an Extended Partition. You will need to shrink this extended partition as well to give space to expand C.

Don t worry about the 2 hidden partitions and dont be tempted to delete them they will be used for system recovery.

Personally I would make C just big enough to restore your files and then use D to store all my data. This will protect your data should you need to reinstall Windows at any time.

  robin_x 04 Oct 11

Is there 'unallocated' space to the right of C? It needs that to expand into.

If another partition is 'hard up' against C, you need to move it out of the way.

Another possibility is that trying these operations while Windows is running is causing the problem (although Partition Wizard usually detects that and offers to reboot and do it)

Try Partition Wizard Bootable CD (same page as above link).

Download the iso and burn to CD/DVD using Imgburn. Boot from it and try again.

  robin_x 04 Oct 11

Don't forget to click the 'Apply' button after setting up an operation.

  robin_x 04 Oct 11

Jollyjohns comments are very valid, my omission.

  rincewind66 04 Oct 11

Thanks to both of you. It's all sorted, just glad I didn't have to send it back for the 3rd time. How do you mark this as solved?

  Jollyjohn 04 Oct 11

robinofloxley - I was thinking the very same about your comments, especially the position of D.

  Diemmess 04 Oct 11

Mark as solved?

Click on the tick which provided the answer (your latest will do) this should turn green "before your very eyes"


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