Change over floppy drives

  Jessgus 17:35 05 Jan 08

I have a 51/4 floppy as drive "A:" and a 31/2 stiffy as drive "B:" How do I change them over so that the 31/2 becomes "A:"?

This arises from having bought a flash upgrade for my BIOS. The upgrade is on a 31/2 disk and to load the upgrade I am required to change CMOS to make "1st boot device" = "floppy", insert disk and restart. It does not work and I assume that CMOS is seeing drive A: as the "floppy", not drive B:. On restart the system seems to bypass "1st boot" and go straight to "2nd boot" which is IDE-0.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

  MAJ 17:41 05 Jan 08

You shouldn't need to physically change the drives over, just set the 3 1/2 Drive to boot before the hard drive in the BIOS. It wont matter if it's not the first boot device. The only reason it has to be the first boot device is so that it boots before the hard drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 05 Jan 08

Look in the BIOS for something that says Swap floppy drives or swap A B.

click here

  Jessgus 20:56 07 Jan 08

Thank you MAJ and Fruit Bat.

In my BIOS the choice of boot device does not offer 51/4 or 31/2 disks, merely "floppy", "CD-ROM", etc. Thus I have no means of specifying which of the two floppy drives is to be 1st boot.

In CMOS I tried changing the 31/2 drive to A: and it appeared to save OK but in practice when I tried to open the 31/2 drive, it was still B: that responded, ie B's light came on. I also tried disabling the 51/2 drive hoping BIOS would then switch to the 31/2 but no luck.

I have referred the problem to the flash bios supplier in the States but in the meantime my original question stands.

  Eric10 21:03 07 Jan 08

On the ribbon cable that connects to your drives the connectors after the twist in the cable go to drive A: while the connectors before the twist go to drive B:
The cable should look like this. click here

  Longhouse 21:03 07 Jan 08

If I recall correctly, the position of the data cable determines the drive letter. This link appears to confirm this:

click here

  Eric10 21:05 07 Jan 08

Obviously you just choose the appropriate connector that suits the drive in question.

  Jessgus 17:05 09 Jan 08

My thanks to those who replied to this thread. I changed the drives over but both drive lights then stayed on permanently!I changed the drives back and the lights are still on!! Off to the shop I think.

  Technotiger 17:13 09 Jan 08

Lights still on indicates ribbon cables connected wrong way round!

  Diemmess 17:38 09 Jan 08

When you have the lights back to normal, have another look in the BIOS.

I'm not sure about new mobos, but in the past it was possible to toggle a FDD through various capacities like 1.44Mb or 750(?)Kbs to suit the type of floppy it served.

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