Change from NSCT to PAL

  cooki8c 11:25 08 Oct 08

I have got a Laptop and Would like to change the format of some videos I have butI dont know how to change the veiwing format so I can watch them.can anyone help me ?????
Thanks in advance cookie8c

  Technotiger 12:08 08 Oct 08

What is the source of the videos, Camcorder/VHS/PC ?? I don't think you can change from within the laptop, but need a bit more information.

  lofty29 12:24 08 Oct 08

I assume that you are talking about dvd's. To start with if they are region one (USA)then you wil have to change the region on your dvd drive, but remember you can only change it about five times then it is locked,

  eedcam 14:13 08 Oct 08

You can change ntsc to pal and vice versa with Ifo edit it does not actually change the format but fools the system into thinking it is Pal .First you have to rip the dvd to your hard drive assuming of course it is not copywrite protected .Though I guess as said you mean region change

  cooki8c 14:35 08 Oct 08

I know it can be changed in the laptop beause I did it on my last laptop but I cant remember how I did it.
So now I am looking for some HELP.

  Technotiger 15:30 08 Oct 08

OK - it was probably something to do with codecs, but I would still like more info re the videos, you have not said whether DVD/Camcorder etc. OS might also help.

  Technotiger 15:32 08 Oct 08

This may be what you are looking for ... click here

  Technotiger 15:35 08 Oct 08

Or this ... click here

  Technotiger 15:36 08 Oct 08

Ooops, sorry I duplicated there!

  eedcam 19:24 08 Oct 08

How to using Ifoedit
click here

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