Change my PC tower what is involved

  doz123 06 Jan 12

My PC is quite old 7yrs, But my monitor is quite new, can I just buy the base unit and if so do they come with operating systems.

Can I transfer photos and emails onto new system any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 06 Jan 12

"can I just buy the base unit"

Yes. I usually buy separate base units and monitors at different times. The base unit generally comes with a mouse and keyboard.

"and if so do they come with operating systems."

Generally they will come with Windows, but some some suppliers will provide low cost base units that don't include the operating system. Check the 'specs' to see if the OS is included.

  doz123 07 Jan 12

Thanks for that, now can you or anyone else who are computer literate recommend what I just look for i.e. Processor, Ram, Graphics and a good reliable make.

The base tower I have now is as I said over 7 years old and is going very slow, but the Sony monitor is about 2 years old.

I use the computer quite a lot for shopping and browsing and I was thinking about changing IP provider to BT Infinity as at present only get speeds of 3gb. So I thought it was about time I changed my base unit.

Any help would be appreciated.

  onthelimit1 07 Jan 12

For what you want to do, any of the base models will be fine. Assuming your present one is XP, you need to download the Windows Easy Transfer for XP from here. With that, you can save all your data (not programmes) to an external drive, then use the built-in Easy Transfer on the new Windows 7 machine to copy everything over from the external drive.


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