change Language for windows XP from dutch to engl

  ice56 17:41 09 Dec 07

My daughter sent me a laptop from Holland and Windows XP is in Dutch.What must I do to change it in english.

  mfletch 17:54 09 Dec 07

Hi, Open control panel then double click on,

Regional and language

You can change the settings from there,


  Zak 18:20 09 Dec 07

Unfortunately User Interface (menus and dialogues) will remain in the Dutch language.

To do what you require needs the Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI)from Microsoft but it is not available as retail. (Also Win XP Pro can handle this and not the home version - anyway this is immaterial in your case)

Below is some background reading, but you will need to purchase an English version OF Win XP.

click here

click here

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