Change HD and restore O/S via Acronis

  ruskle 20:59 22 Mar 08

I always use Acronis to do a full backup of my HD on a regular basis.
I am changing the HD on my machine for a better spec one courtesy of Packard Bell ( due to the noise the old one makes) and wonder if it will be possible to use Acronis to restore my PC to the state it is in now. I have an external HD with the backup on.


  sinbads 22:56 22 Mar 08

I think you would need to use the clone feature of acronis, your backup would not be able to do this.

  beeuuem 04:58 23 Mar 08

You should be able to do as you wish if you use an Acronis TI boot disk.
Ensure that the restored partition is expanded to that of your new HDD in the options during the restore process.

  ruskle 19:07 23 Mar 08

Thanks to both of you.

I have restored my HD a few times with Acronis when things have gone a bit pear shaped. I have the Acronis boot disc which I made and I connect the external HD and restore from that.
I had been told that because the new HD would have a different boot sector ( or something like that) it would not work on it, because Acronis would only restore to the disc it came from. The new HD is 400gb the old one 360gb.

Can you please confirm that my info is incorrect and that I am able to restore the new HD with all the programs and data from the old HD?

Thanks again,

  beeuuem 22:47 23 Mar 08

The image you are using contains the MBR (Master Boot Record)so the new disk will be recognised and function correctly.
As I didn't want to give you false info I did try restoring a copy of my C Drive from DVD to a blank formatted hard drive and this worked perfectly.

  ruskle 18:51 24 Mar 08

Many thanks my friend.
I have quite a lot of software on my HD and I am now confident enough to go ahead and fit the new HD.
There is one program which can only be installed by the person who authorised it and he isn't available for some time. Reason, he is flying 747's out of Casablanca for 6 months.

Thanks again.

  beeuuem 22:17 24 Mar 08

As I say, I tried it and it worked. Should you have any problems I'm sure they will be minor and easily sorted out.

  ruskle 19:36 14 Apr 08

Well the jobs done and all the software and data is re-installed using Acronis. No problems whatsoever, just ran the Acronis boot disc and connected my USB HDD with the backup on it and away it went. The new drive is 400gb and the old 360gb but it made no difference, all drivers etc worked fine.

Thanks again.


  beeuuem 02:02 15 Apr 08

There was no reason to think that it wouldn't work but especially with computers theory and the practice can be two different things.
I am very pleased for you and and me! I'm relieved to hear that all went well.

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