Change folder properties

  Pedro Campos 12:33 22 Jul 06

Somehow I cannot change the properties of the folder that I created, I would like to change the icon and I know that for that all I have to do is right-cklick on the folder and click customize. However I cannot access the properties dialog box, whenever I right-click on the folder and click on properties nothing happens. Any ideas? Is it a problem with the registry or something else?

  Chris147 13:55 22 Jul 06

Hi Pedro.

It sounds like the folder itself has issues. Create a new folder and see if you can change it's properties. If you can, then copy the contents of the dodgy folder to it and delete the old folder.

If you can't change the properties of your new folder, then you probably do have a Registry problem - but these can almost always be fixed.



  Pedro Campos 14:00 22 Jul 06

Yes i've tried a new folder but had the same problem, when i click "Properties" nothing happens. Any ideas on how to fix the Registry?

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