chanel change

  chippy+ 17 May 11

hi i posted this question in helproom but thought it might get more replies here in networking

when i look at my wireless config and rescan i see 3 connections 1) my own chanel 9

2) neigbour chanel 5

3)neighbour chanel 9

i changed mine to 6 to keep a seperate chanel but no matter what i change it to 3) neighbour changes to the same as mine what is happening thanks Chippy

  Taff™ 19 May 11

Is it possible that your neighbours router is set to choose a chanel automatically? Has your neighbour ever been allowed to connect to your router?

  chippy+ 19 May 11

hi Taff™

i dont know what neighbour it is but if they are on auto how dose it change when i go into my router and change my chanel

thanks Chippy

  Taff™ 19 May 11

Not sure myself. Are you sure it`s a neighbour and not another piece of wireless equipment on your network? A wireless printer or another wireless computer for example - now that would explain it!

  mgmcc 19 May 11

Are you by any chance using a BT Home Hub which, in addition to your own network, may provide a second wireless network connection? As I don't have the hardware I'm not sure of the correct terminology - is it perhaps the Open Reach service which provides roaming WiFi access to BT customers?

If this is the case, changing the channel number in the router will almost certainly change the settings in both services. You may simply be seeing two instances of your own router.

  mgmcc 19 May 11

I think it was BT "Openzone" that I was thinking of as the second network available in a BT Hub.

  ashleycardwell94 27 May 11

unrelated to the actual topic but for MGMCC

a relative of mine just got the bt home hub. it provides 3 access points.

1 is BTHUB and some numbers ( for private use, secured as default )

2 is BT openzone ( open )

3 is BT FON ( open )


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