SANAP 00:05 15 Jan 04

I have just been deluged with quite a few duplicate emails as a so called friend of mine did a group broadcast and included 3 of my emails. This chain email is an old hoax where if you forward the email it is been tracked etc and you eventually get money. Why people do this defeats me. I am now getting petty emails from people who don't know me from adam. Mailbox is clogged I have mailwasher but is there any other way I can put a stop to this? I have emailed them all and asked to be removed from their address books but I am not holding my breath.



  johnnyrocker 00:10 15 Jan 04

find mailwasher and use it til the deluge dies down or put a permanent block on the senders in your message rules.

  tafoody 00:15 15 Jan 04

a friend sent one to me, i sent him the link, he falls for all this sort of rubbish.

click here

click here

  hugh-265156 00:20 15 Jan 04

yeah.blacklist the senders and if you trust mailwasher to let your real mail through(set up a friends list)then click:

tools/options/blacklist&friends list/options and tick "auto delete blacklisted messages"

i think that should do it but im not sure as have only been using mailwasher for a few weeks.

  tafoody 00:27 15 Jan 04

to add to huggyg71's post, choose 'options' at the bottom of the 'blacklist and friends list' window, to choose if you want to bounce those messages.

general consensus is bouncing is a waste of time, but it may be beneficial in this case, you decide.

  Forum Editor 01:01 15 Jan 04

or any other spam controller - it simply adds to the huge load that's already being placed on mail servers, routers and switches, and helps to clog up the Internet with more rubbish.

Most of the time the spammer won't even know you've bounced the message anyway.

  hugh-265156 01:07 15 Jan 04

i dont bounce as above

  tafoody 01:12 15 Jan 04

to spammers, i agree, but i thought in this case it was more 'general' aquaintances.

i agree bouncing spammers is pointless.

  tafoody 01:16 15 Jan 04

also, i think 'bouncing' is set as default when you blacklist, so you will need to choose 'options' in that window to uncheck it.

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