cfg`s fx and airbus volume 1

  qwesaws 15:58 12 Nov 07

firstly where are the aircraft cfg files located in FX secondly I installed airbus series volume 1 from justflight but when I try to select the aircraft all I get is a beep and a crash to the desktop can anyone help with these two problems please.

  wotbus@ 16:59 12 Nov 07

You would be better off posting your question on a forum here: click here
I still run FS9 so can't help with the first part of your question. Regarding the other part; you don't say what your system is or what it's capable of? I do know FSX requires some power. Is the Airbus series compatible with your OS, but like I say, you would be better posting on a simmer forum although someone may be help here.
Good luck.

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