~cevts0 What is this?

  tighmor 19:44 11 Nov 05

~cevts0 is a file on my c drive and I am not able to see what it does. Searching on google others seem puzzled too.
Anyone know this files function.

i have tried deleting it and everything seems OK?

Takes up quite a bit of space if not necessary.

  gudgulf 20:01 11 Nov 05

This is the best I could find click here

  Simsy 20:18 11 Nov 05

my guess is that it's a temp file that some programme you used created while it was running, and it hasn't got rid of the file properly.

This can happen when things crash...

As you say you've deleted it and all seems OK I'd be inclined to think this tallies with my suspicion.

Obviously, as usual, I'm open to correction!!



  phono 20:25 11 Nov 05

Checking various articles after searching on Google I have seen suggestions that these are related to Veritas MyCD. It seems they may be temp files for disc to disc copy or audio cd compilations.

Do you have Veritas MyCD on your system?

  tighmor 20:45 11 Nov 05

Do not have Veritas MyCD.

If this is a storage for temp files then you would expect to empty it - it was 190000Kb when I deleted it.

I am experiencing a problem with a program that writes to DVD disc but yhis was the case before deletion.

  phono 20:49 11 Nov 05

What is the DVD writing program called?

  tighmor 22:28 11 Nov 05

I use Nero - no problem with that. Also have Instant CD DVD on though only use it occasionally.

Problem is with Proshow Gold.

  phono 15:37 12 Nov 05

Some CD-DVD burning software can conflict if you have more than one on a system, that's not to say that Nero and Instant CD DVD definitely don't get on together.

It may be an idea to contact the manufacturers to see if there are any conflicts between the programs, and if so, are there any patches or solutions.

  palinka 15:09 26 Jan 06

This thread is now ancient, but I came across it while looking for help re a temp file of a similar nature.
it's one of those "temp" files that gets created when, foe example, you save something that you've received/accessed from the internet or an email. When you click on "Save as", the SaveIn list will show files like that, but ignore that option and use something more sensible like My Documents. The existence of such gobbledegook files suggests that at some careless moment you may have actually saved something to it. You can delete it.

  tighmor 21:06 01 Feb 06

Thanks palinka.

Whilst I deleted the file with no problem thereafter, it is good to know what it was - and I can now delete it from the disk where I kept it just in case!

Interesting that you came across this post for, as you say it is ancient - kind of like myself!

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