Is A+ Certification worth having?

  window man 19:20 11 Jan 03
  window man 19:20 11 Jan 03

I would like to start a part time pc repair business from home. After having a look around on the internet i found the A+ certification course. Will this give me the skills and qualifications necessary to make a start? I realise that i will need to carry on studying for more but will this give me the basics?

Many Thanks

  Elrond 19:23 11 Jan 03

I am doing A+ and it will certainly give you the start you're after. Look at my thread:

click here

As suggested on that thread its something to do on your own, get the materials you need and work at the pace you want and not one dictated by a classroom. Good luck, all the best

  Elrond 19:24 11 Jan 03

P.S I would think for a PC repair business A+ will be more than sufficient I think

  Elrond 19:24 11 Jan 03

P.S I would think for a PC repair business A+ will be more than sufficient

  Elrond 19:25 11 Jan 03

Sorry bout the double posting. I realised my awful english and tried to stop the other but it didn't work

  Elrond 19:27 11 Jan 03

This is the book I'm using

click here

  window man 19:31 11 Jan 03

Thanks Elrond
Where did you get your home study course from? I saw the course advertised for £175 for all the study guides and 10 cd roms. Is this about right?

  Elrond 19:37 11 Jan 03

I'm not actually doing a course as such, just learning from the book i showed you. It cost me £36.99 and is packed with loads of info it's also got a cd-rom with exam papers on and the entire book in PDF format plus it's got flash cards for revision. I was going to go through a company called Macmin, that was £199 in total. Where did you see this course?

  window man 19:51 11 Jan 03

The place i saw it was click here . I am not sure that i need the £175 course but their is one for £99. What do you think? Would the cd roms be useful ?

  Elrond 19:56 11 Jan 03

I know of one at £69 by:

click here

I'm not sure if you'll need all the cd-roms. It's down to your own personal preference and how you want to learn

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