Centering image in table row using CSS

  Hoseman 18:53 14 Aug 05

Im having problems centering an image (image.gif)in IE although it works in Firefox.

Im not very familiar with CSS and heres the code Im using:

title> /title>
style type="text/css">
td.first {text-align:center}

body bgcolor="#33ccff">
table height="483" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="80%" align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff" border="0">
td class="first" width="702" colspan="3" height="114"> img src="image.gif"> /td>

td width="702" bgcolor="#000000" colspan="3" height="29">
p align="center"> img src="home.gif"> img src="news.gif"> img src="support.gif"> img src="advertise.gif"> img src="contact.gif"> img src="links.gif"> /p>

td width="234" height="502">

td width="65%" height="502">

td width="234" height="502">

Can anyone tell me where Im going wrong? :)

  Forum Editor 19:36 14 Aug 05

CSS generated content, so you'll have to provide IE with background images instead.

  Hoseman 20:04 14 Aug 05

I started using CSS because I wasnt able to centre this image in the cell of a table using the align="center" attribute. What code do I insert for an image to be centred in a cell that will work in both IE & Firefox?

  peabody 21:03 14 Aug 05

<p align="center">

Check that the cell-width is specified correctly; i.e. in pixels. If the cell thinks it's smaller than it is nothing will center correctly in it.

  Eric10 22:39 14 Aug 05

If this is the sort of effect you are after then please feel free to use the code. click here. I find it easier to use separate tables for different parts of the page.

  Hoseman 22:53 14 Aug 05

Thanks for help. Will give it a go and see what happens.

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