cds do not autoplay

  baa 17:08 20 Feb 09

When I insert a cd or dvd it does not autoplay.
The same happens if I insert a program cd.
I have to go to my computer and click on a cd drive to get it to play.
I have a cube computer & xp home os.

  Technotiger 17:13 20 Feb 09

I know of the cube pc, but I am not familiar with it. However, normally in My Computer one would right-click on the CD ROM icon, then Properties and then set Autoplay to one's own preferences.

  Sea Urchin 17:58 20 Feb 09

This may help

click here

  LAP 17:59 20 Feb 09

Could try this: C:\Windows\Repair & copy ‘autoexec.nt’ file and paste onto/into system32 folder

  LAP 12:13 22 Feb 09

How did you get on?

  baa 16:20 23 Feb 09

many thanks, but I could not get it to work.

  baa 11:18 26 Feb 09

Many thanks Lap I tried this again and it worked.
What I did differently I dont know

  LAP 18:35 27 Feb 09

Never mind job done, cheers for the update because it may also help someone else.

  scubaseven 13:17 28 Feb 09

did you go to control panel and autoplay?
and reset the setting that you want.

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