CDRW not recognise cd is in there!!! :-(

  Dr Grumps 23:06 18 Feb 03

ok, my acer CDRW does no longer recognise that a CD is in the drive. the drive is detected but when i put a cd in it does not detect it!!

anyone know why? i have tried it in a diff ide channel with a diff ide cable!

is it dead? :-(


  woodchip 23:14 18 Feb 03

Have you tried other disc's also try a disc cleaner they work wonders, from Experience

  Totally-braindead 23:16 18 Feb 03

It sounds like the drive is faulty I'm afraid. RIP unless anyone else has any ideas?

  woodchip 23:24 18 Feb 03

PS also try a new cable

  Dr Grumps 23:27 18 Feb 03

tried new cable !

i will see if i can get a cleaner!

ne other suggestions as i really can't afford a new one !!! (im a student !)



  Hachi-Roku 23:29 18 Feb 03

could be the cd is corrupt or damaged! thats a main case with something like this and it happens to me as well! sometimes though i just switch off my computer, leave it for a while, turn it back on and it just suddenly works lol! it could also be the drivers as well so i dunno!! how long have you had your cdrw drive for?

  Dr Grumps 23:39 18 Feb 03

bout 1and a half years old. i have tried many different CD's and no luck !

this is getting worse :-(

  Hachi-Roku 00:02 19 Feb 03

hmmm!!! well im guessing maybe it has packed up lol! they usually do sometimes after a year and if youve been using them quite a bit! if you can get it to a technician or something to have a look at it and hopefully have it fixed then your alright! otherwise, i guess its a new cdrw then! not really long lasting then i must say lol!

  woodchip 15:59 19 Feb 03

Can you try the CDRW in a different computer before parting with £££££ go to a local shop and ask them to test it

  Dr Grumps 16:15 19 Feb 03

good idea - why didn't it think of that - becuse im trying to sort out some html and php !! arrgh

yeah i will try it in my girlfriends computer!! before parting with the £££££ !!!

if i do have to get a new one does anyone recommend a drive?



  _Treb_ 16:48 19 Feb 03

PC World Bulk buys. Comes in a plain brown box. No frills.

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