CD/RW information please

  Vashti 22:30 04 Apr 03

Having just acquired my new CD writer, I now need help on understanding all the CD's available in the stores. Could someone explain what the difference is between them all. Some are quite cheap and others quite expensive. Why?

  woodchip 22:43 04 Apr 03

I buy mine from computer fair mainly. Although I once bought from PCworld and my CDRW would not write to them there was that little silver on them when held up to the light you could see through them. I took them back and got a refund they was CDR disc, write once. with CDRW it's what it say's you can rewrite on them and reuse like a floppy disc with the right software

  toxin 23:17 04 Apr 03

Hi Vashti!

I have used many different makes of cdr & cdrw disks, from expensive TDKs to much cheaper MMore.
I am currently usingthe German made INTENSO high quality, which cost 47p each inc jewel cases, and so far have not had any failures with these.

I think the most important factor in producing a good Hi-Fi audio disc is to limit the burn speed to around 16x; I have a 48x cdrw and recording at the fastest speed gives rise to faults which are not apparent until they are played back.

Hope This Helps a little.

The Intenso web site is click here if you want to check it out.

  Qmar 00:41 05 Apr 03

.some more expensive 'audio'CD-R 's have copyright protection technology on them..(why would anyone want to pay or these!).. [for futher infomay I suggest u search this forum archive and look in google with 'CD-R FAQ' :)

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