CDRW for a IBM Thinkpad 600E

  kjrider 22:45 14 May 07

Hi there, I am trying to find a CD writer for my old laptop. Its 350Mhz CPU and 168Md Ram 20Gb HD with Win XP.

Does anyone know how to get one to match the port slot? I picked up one at a Computer Fair but it has a differnt size of socket.

  hzhzhzhz 23:20 14 May 07
  De Marcus™ 23:28 14 May 07

There's an uncanny ebuyer resemblance on that site, wonder if they've come across it yet ;-)

  kjrider 10:58 15 May 07

Thanks De Marcus.

  hzhzhzhz 18:44 15 May 07

did I point to a dodgy site or something?.

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