Somaht 14:17 31 Mar 06

I use a lot of CD/Rs with no prob. Recently I have tried CD/RWs but every time I insert into my CD player I get the message " no cd" Any ideas what is the problem


  rmcqua 14:34 31 Mar 06

They can be a bit "fussy" sometimes, especially if your CD burner is an older one and the discs are of a dubious quality.

  rawprawn 14:58 31 Mar 06

I think they need to be formatted by a program such as Nero InCD.

  Pineman100 15:17 31 Mar 06

CD/RW's have always been a pain. It's not worth trying to use them - CD-R's are so cheap and reliable.

  Smiler 15:24 31 Mar 06

they don't have to be formatted to use them as a normal writable cd that can be erased after use but they do have to be formatted by a suitable program to use in a similar fashion to a floppy disk.

As rmcqua says some cd burners are fussy about media.

  ACOLYTE 15:31 31 Mar 06

Are you putting these into a stand alone cd player(hifi) or one on your pc?,if its stand alone some types dont support cd/rw disks.

  pj123 15:31 31 Mar 06

What operating system are you on? What CD Writer do you have. What burning software are you using?

You only need to format CD/RW disks if you want to use them like a very large floppy disk. I have never formatted a CD/RW I just use them as a multisession disk.

CD/RW media is not the best to use. It is very unstable and I now do not use them anymore.

  Stuartli 15:56 31 Mar 06

The main problem with CD-RWs is that their reflectivity level is vastly lower than for a CD-R - hence the difficulty some CD/DVD-ROM drives have reading them.

Stick to CD-Rs and, if necessary, use them in multisession form to prevent undue waste of disk space until each disk is full. You then Finalise the disk before the final burning session.

  Smiler 11:23 01 Apr 06

Speak to us we're waiting for replies so we can help!!

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