cdrom won't read Disc

  Sheps 11:18 21 Jul 05

Hi ya All,
Can anyone shed some light on my problem please, i've just upgraded my pc to xp from me, i put quite a lot of work onto cdrw disc's before the upgrade, i've just popped a disc in and it is not reading it, nothing is happening i just get a window pop up saying insert disk, Which i've already done, ANY IDEAS??????
Thank you in advance

  Technotiger 11:29 21 Jul 05

Hi, XP is a bit fussy about some CDRW drives. Make sure your XP is fully updated to cope with your particular drive - or make sure that your CDRW's driver is up-to-date. I think that not all CDRW drives are compatible with XP.

Good luck.


  Sheps 11:35 21 Jul 05

Hi Technotiger,
Where will i find these updates for xp or my cdrw? I'm quite new to all of this technical stuff!!!!. Do i have to get the driver disk for the cdrw to update this online?

  Technotiger 11:40 21 Jul 05

Hi, Yes - you answered your own question - also have a look at the Microsoft XP update site at click here

Welcome to the Forum! If my suggestions don't help, just hang-on in there someone else will be bound to add their ideas too.

Good luck.


  Sheps 11:44 21 Jul 05

Thanks Technotiger, you've been a gr8 help, i'll have a go now, and i'll let you know how i get on, i hope i can do it, the stuff on the cd is fairly important and i need to get access to it.
I'll be in touch later.
Thanks everso

  pj123 12:05 21 Jul 05

What did you use to burn the data to the CDRW disk? If it was InCD you might need it on to read the disk. I don't have XP but I believe it has a built in burner from Roxio. Unfortunately, from what I have been told, Roxio and Nero/InCD don't like each other on the same PC so you may have to disable Roxio first.

  Sheps 12:09 21 Jul 05

hi pj123,
I did burn it on nero/incd (me), and i still have the same cdrw and software, how do i disable Roxio???

  jack 12:11 21 Jul 05

It is conflict time as has been mentioned.
CDRW's are very fussy - and oft as not will not read anywhere exept on the setup they were created on.
So be sure the patches for the burner are uptodate for the [new to you] operating system - go the to drive makers website here- and download the patches
BUT- if you are new to it all it may pay to seek help because once downloaded and intalled onthe CD drives firmware- it is not 'uloadable' if you have got it wrong as on your normal 'C' drive.

  Technotiger 12:14 21 Jul 05

I agree with pj123 - I use XP and I used to use Nero, but I discarded Nero in favour of Roxio which I prefer. I still had to update my Roxio though. The only sure way to disable Roxio is to uninstall it, in favour of Nero if that is your choice.


  Sheps 12:40 21 Jul 05

Hi guys,
Well thanks for your help and advice, do you think the easier option for me is to uninstall my nero, and then use the Roxio? once i have uninstalled nero, and i go to burn a disc, where will i find the roxio software? is it with the media player. Sorry guys you probably think your dealing with a real thicky!!
Thanks again
Paula (sheps)

  Technotiger 12:45 21 Jul 05

Having started with Nero, I think you should stick with what you know. Roxio is not a free program - I have the full boxed version.
We do not think you are a 'thickie'. We were ALL
learners/beginners at one time. Come back and ask as many questions as you like - how else can you learn - this is the very Best Forum and the place to get your answers.


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