minty1 18:38 03 May 04

I have recently installed some new software, now I am unable to read/write to CD.

I use windows XP. Any ideas as the troubleshooter isn't much help. The message that comes up when I go into my computer is: "windows cannot read from this disk"

  QuickHare 18:44 03 May 04

Which software did you install? At least give us a clue whether it was an application for graphic editing, sound engineering, CD recording, etc.

  minty1 19:49 03 May 04

It was Sage payroll upgrade

  QuickHare 12:23 04 May 04

If you click here;en-us;321640 you will be directed to Knowledge Base article 321640 about this problem in Windows XP.

However, since this occurred after you installed a program, there are three likely theories:

1) The program caused the error, in which case uninstall it and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, contact Sage for help, as it's their fault.

2) Uninstalling Sage doesn't help, which could mean the driver's shot (corrupted). Try removing the device through Device Manager (Right-click My Computer and click Properties. Either the tab marked Device Manager, or a button in Advanced. Find the device and click Remove) and reinstall it.

3) The whole thing is coincidental, and it could be a wire inside. Either take the unit back to the supplier (if in warranty) or open it up and check the cables are plugged in fully (if not in warranty).

  minty1 21:51 07 May 04


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