CD Wrtr using CDR CD's can operate as CD-RW ?

  Giggle n' Bits 14:31 31 Jul 05

Ok, a friend is bragging to me and mate in pub (No, its Not a joke) that even though he is using CD-R & "Not" CD-RW disk's he can at a later date add say pic's and other files to a already used CD-R Disk.

I told him its imposible, so he showed me the other day and it did it.

The way I understand it is, once a CD-R has been written on you cannot add files at a later date becase it is write Once.

Does anyone know how he's doing this please cos he thinks it dam clever.

  bremner 14:34 31 Jul 05

Nothing clever - he has just left the session open and added files later to the unused disk space.

What you can not do is over write existing data on a CDR (one time writable) which you can do on a CDRW.

  Pooke 14:36 31 Jul 05


using nero etc choose the multi-session option and you can keep adding til the disk is full.

  Pooke 14:37 31 Jul 05

wouldn't call him clever either.

  SANTOS7 14:37 31 Jul 05

Nero has a "start multi-session cd" option for writing... here you can set different options for writing your cd's. what it actually does is write the new text file to the folder you have created on the CD... a new TOC is then created which does not refer to the old text file which is physically still on the CD.

So... you HAVE written to the cd-r more than once, but you haven't actually written over the information on the cd-r as you would do on a cd-rw.

  dangerusone 14:43 31 Jul 05

If your friend is using Nero he will be ticking the box in Final Burn Setting to give the option of using empty space for more files, as "bremner" said you cannot overwrite data, only fill unused space

  Stuartli 15:10 31 Jul 05

That's not quite correct - Finalise is used only just before the final additions to a multisession disk.

I have a large number of multisession CD-Rs using Nero Burning ROM and keep adding various programs, applications, utilities, files etc until each disk is full. They can be used to install items as normal whilst in multisession mode.

The important thing to remember is that the (Name of) Folder for each individual disk is Saved immediately after adding new files, otherwise it all goes pearshaped and some files cannot be opened; also keep an accurate record of what is on a disk to make it easy to find a particular item.

No individual preparation is required to use a CD-R in multisession mode, apart from specifying such use when first starting one in this mode.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:16 31 Jul 05

This is intersting and makes CD-R disk sound even better value for money, I never thought is was possible, it pays to look at tick boxes and read the manual's eh. Suppose it could be seen as I encountered a RTFM Error ? you all amaze me.

thanks to everyone, I will now try this myself.

  Stuartli 18:41 31 Jul 05

Not necessarily a case of RTFM...:-)

Many people still labour under the delusion - somewhat naturally - that once you have used a CD-R, even if only to put one file on it, it cannot be used again.

However, if you are using CD-Rs for backup, whether in one-off or multisession mode, it's best to do two copies at a time for peace of mind.

Another advantage is that CD-Rs, apart from being very cheap even for top quality, have a very much higher reflectivity level that CD-RWs and thus can be easily read by the vast bulk of CD/DVD-ROM drives and CD/DVD players.

  dangerusone 17:17 01 Aug 05

Perhaps I wasn't specific enough,I meant to say tick the "allow files to be added later (Multisession)"

  Stuartli 18:36 01 Aug 05

Nero Burning ROM has three self explantory choices: "Start Multisession disc", "Continue Multisession disc" or "No Multisession" (not my spelling of disk in this case!)

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