Cd writer has stopped writing

  astral traveller 12:22 19 Dec 04

Hi, I have been writing cds for a while with no problems. Very recently I have found that although everything appears to be fine with the process completing apparently satisfactorily, nothing actually writes to the cds and they remain blank. AVG did recently detect a virus (downloader.small.12.BJ) which was healed successfully - and I think removed. There are some files however that AVG cannot check as it cannot open them - one of these is "esnecil.ind" in the windows/system32 folder. The drivers for the cd writer are also in this folder so I guess there could be a connection.
I am using windows xp and the cd writer is an ARTEC WRR 4848. I have the windows xp cd and am wondering if I should do a reinstall?

  mattyc_92 12:27 19 Dec 04

what "burning" program are you using???? Is it the windows built-in one????

  astral traveller 12:37 19 Dec 04

I have used windows media player and real player with same results. Also drag and dropping files appear to copy okay but there is nothing there. I have tried several cds (memorex)and they don't appear to be written to at all and still seem useable.

  astral traveller 19:35 19 Dec 04

Don't know whether it's related or not but Mail washer has been telling me for a day or two that there is no connection to the internet - when clearly there is.

  astral traveller 19:27 20 Dec 04

I have just installed and run the Idigicon PC accelerator from the CD on the Jan issue of Pcadvisor - low and behold the cd writer is writing again! Still getting the message from Mail washer that I am not connected to the internet but I will live with that if I have to.


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