Bonzy 10:03 19 Feb 05

Hello friends, I have a strange problem on my Win98SE pc. When I double-click "My Computer" on the desktop one of the folders that appear in the right pane is C: which is right. However, the corresponding icon is a CD with a Windows logo in it instead of an hdd icon.Upon double-clicking it a window titled "Windows 98 CDROM" appears with a Microsoft 98 logo on the top left corner. Then 2 options appear below namely:
. Browse this CD
. Add/Remove software.
This window is the one which appears when I put the Win98 CD in the D: drive. STRANGE! It appears my C: drive is behaving like the a D: drive. When I point the mouse to the "Browse This CD" option, it changes to a hand as if I've pointed to an internet link. Upon clicking, the folders that appear are those on the C: drive. Why this behaviour, friends? Any fixes? Thanx in advance.

  MIke 10:27 19 Feb 05

Open My Computer, then try View, Refresh This may clear the problem.

Another option is to see if you can get Tweak UI as a download from Microsoft. The XP version has an option to repair Icons If I remember correctly earlier version did too.

Hope one of these helps. Otherwise it could be a matter of delving into the registry. I'll leave that to someone else to advise!

  MIke 10:36 19 Feb 05

Try this link to get the win 98 version

click here

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