CD-RW probs cont

  michelleuk 03:52 02 Jan 03
  michelleuk 03:52 02 Jan 03


Me again! I'm trying to put my website details onto a CD-RW and because of the number of different formats from .mid to .class I first opted for data and music on Nero, I was refused access. I then tried with data only as some one suggested (I believe) this resulted in 'cannot create or replace access is denied'. I have been unable to download the suggested programe as my computer for whtever reason says the site is unavialable, but a friend was able to access the site. (Nero's that is)

I then tried to drag and drop each individual item instead of copying and draging the whole folder at once. This time I got 'disc has no MRW format' and something along the lines of the disc has content do I want nero to delete it. Yet when I clcik to see what is on the disk it comes up as full under the my computer properties.

The CD-RW is a Nashua 700MB/80min CD I was looking at the different heading and clicked the recorder icon, then medium info. This is what it contained.

Disc info total capacity 1MB
Available Capacity - not highlighted and no numbers

Mount Rainier
Disc has no MRW format

Does this make sense to anyone? I am thinking that the disc is a dud. Because I have been able to use the wizard and copy other files onto other CD-R's and CD-RW's.


Take Care

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  €dstow 07:28 02 Jan 03

Can't answer your question Michelle but thanks for putting your web address on again. I've bookmarked it for a good look later. Looks good!!

Note my opinion on CDRWs is that they were created by the Devil purely to annoy. I won't allow them to be used here, not even to rest coffee cups on.


  michelleuk 22:41 02 Jan 03


I have got used to doing CD-Rs and copying from one CD to another, as in my relaxation CD's. But its the CD-RW's that are causing the problems, I guess I aught to have a more indepth look at the software set up info from Nero.

Take Care

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