Granddad Ray 10:45 21 May 06

I have have been trying to save some files to CD-RW. When I insert a disk, My Computer shows it is RW but when I burn a file to it, it becomes a read-only file. I can only usae the 'copy' function to save onto the disk. When I try the 'save' function and highlight the CD-RW the computer reports an incorrect action. How can I simply burn a file or series of files that is rewitable?

  johndrew 11:05 21 May 06

I remember a letter in PCA on this subject. Apparently, when you save files to CD (R or RW) they become read only and you must change the attributes when you copy them back to your hard drive.

I find that if I want to update a file on CD it is easier to copy the new/updated file to the disk (right click and drag the file over to the location on the disk where you want it) then select `Copy Here`. If a copy of the file already exists you will be asked if you want to replace it. Select `Yes` and the file will be updated.

  Granddad Ray 13:45 21 May 06

Thanks, How do I change the attributes

  johndrew 15:58 21 May 06

Right click on the subject file and select `Properties`. Click the `General` tab and at the bottom you will see the attributes left click on `Read Only` to make the box clear, click `Apply` and `OK`.

But remember you will only be able to change the attributes once the the file(s) are back on your hard drive.

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