CD Roms only detected as Audio CDs

  Claremarianne 13:01 17 Sep 03

When inserting a CD Rom (e.g. encyclopedia or clip art disk) into the CD Rom drive, it is detected only as an audio CD. This happens with most of our CDs (but not all). We have never used the CD Rom drive for audio CDs, and the computer runs on Windows 95. The CDs in question are OK ? we have tried them on another computer. This has happened suddenly ? all the CDs have worked well for years. (Most of these CDs are too old to load up onto our other computer, which runs on XP.

Any ideas please about the faulty CD Rom Drive?

  xania 20:08 17 Sep 03

Its possible that your player is the problem - getting old. Try using the CD player from your other PC and see what difference that makes. I susoect its time for a replacement.

  Claremarianne 07:57 18 Sep 03

Xania - thanks for the suggestion, yes it probably is old. Problem is that our 2 computers are not networked and are completely independent of each other. Very puzzling it that it always the same 2 or 3 disks which DO work on the old PC (irritatingly, including my husband's favourite game disk, i.e. Lemmings!).

  Tog 08:00 18 Sep 03

Have you tried using a cleaning disk in the CDROM drive?

  john-232317 08:15 18 Sep 03

I think you have answered your question, your hubby has set it up so it will only play his games...;-o

  xania 20:20 19 Sep 03


Yes, this was what I found. Mt wife's PC would only ever see one specific CD as audio, but was otherwise fine; my PC never had any problem with that CD. Then, I built her a new PC and replaced the CD as part of the task - now no problem. As I said, the older CD readers do have problems with some less than accurately pressed CDs.

  Claremarianne 19:20 25 Sep 03

Thanks to everyone for their advice. We have now put in a new CD-ROM Drive - all now working fine!

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