CD ROMS drives corrupted.

  prince midas 13:44 22 Feb 06

I am actually in the process of getting rid of my old computor. Unfortunatly it came up with a problem that corrupted my modem files and it is now asking for file PTSERLP.SYS which I have not got and I cannot find a free place to download it from and the computor is not worth spending money on it, as i am giving it away but I want it to work.I use a friends computor to access the net temporary for now.

It as also lost my 2 CD rom drives which do not show up in Explorer with the drive letters E & F.
When I go into Explorer the drives E and F which were my previous CD Rom drives are now missing but if I connect a temporary external drive, the extermel drive goes to E which was one of my previous CD drives.In Device manager it says the 2 drives have corrupted drivers.I cannot find drivers for Pioneer DVDRW DVR-108 and LGDVD-Rom DRD8160B.Any help please.

  surfmonkeyreal 14:13 22 Feb 06

have you tryed uninstalling the drives in the device manager and rebooting the pc to see if thse pc will install the drivers for the drives

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