cd-rom wont play

i just bought a car manual on cd rom on ebay ,but i cannot get it to play .there is information on the disc as i copied using nero ,but i just cannot get it to play . is it a faulty disc or is there a way to get the disc to play.any help appreciated.

  Cuddles 16:40 11 Sep 04

How are you trying to play it? are you relying on autoplay? have you tried right clicking on icon in my computer and using open command or exploring the disc and starting that way?

i was relying on autoplay , but i`ve been into my computer and tried that way and i keep getting a message "this system file is not suitable for running ms-dos and windows applications " . i`ve even tried the programme compatability wizard on xp and still no joy .also there is afile witha `exe` extension and i`ve tried opening that file ,but i still get the same message.

  Cuddles 22:53 11 Sep 04

Try typing CMD in run and accessing the disc via dos prompts.

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