CD-ROM Not working

  gibrez 15:10 07 Aug 03


My CD-ROM mat*!@:aujda150 is not working on my laptop pentium 233MHz Windows 98 it was working intermittently

I removed the cd-rom drive/drivers (? not sure) in device manager and then rebooted to let windows find and restore drive/drivers (? not sure)

Now it does not work at all

IN device manager now the CD-ROM mat*!@:aujda150 has moved down the tree and no longer(orignal) reads CD-ROM then CD-ROM mat*!@:aujda150

It now reads in device manager other devices then CD-ROM mat*!@:aujda 150>

When I try to access the CD-ROM in windows Exploring all I get is:
D:\ is not accessible
The device is not ready

Any help would be appreiated thanks GIBREZ

P.S My email address is: [email protected]

  Taff36 15:58 07 Aug 03

If you are going to solve this one we are going to need some more information to help you. The problem is either the wrong drivers or the CD Rom is at fault. Might be a loose connection cable since you said it worked intermittently. Check that first.

Tell us the actual make and model of the CD ROM whilst you can see it. There will be a serial plate on the back - note anything that looks relevant and post it to this thread.

  gibrez 15:47 13 Aug 03

Thanks for your reply Taff36
Checking for lose loose connection may present some difficulty as my computer is a laptop and I hesitate to open it up. I only want to open it as a last resort.
I can't find any serial plate on the back which refers to CD-ROM.
But in Device Manager I found a number for the CD-ROM No: MATSHITAUJDA150 I don't know if this helps?
I see you refer wrong drivers, in device manager under properties it says?.
No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device. (The very next line it says?).
To update driver files for this device click Update Driver?.
I am not sure if a driver is required after reading the last two lines.
Now the CD-ROM is working intermittently again.

  Taff36 10:48 14 Aug 03

What operating system are you using?

I`m not sure whether the messages conflict but I`m sure someone can tell us.

  hugh-265156 10:55 14 Aug 03
  Taff36 11:15 14 Aug 03

Do you know if the messages conflict?

  gibrez 14:47 19 Aug 03

Thanks for your reply Taff36
My laptop pentium 233MHz is using Windows 98 operating system

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