CD Rom no longer auto runs

  babybell 16:09 03 Jan 05

Im having problems with the CD rom, if i insert a CD it wont automatically run, it usually takes about 9 or 10 attempts at me pushing the eject button before it finally does, is this just a simple hardware problem or could it be something to do with software or drivers. Running Windows 98se with standard cd rom

  herc182 16:15 03 Jan 05

try this link.

click here

if you are having problems ejecting the CD as well, then it could very well be a hardware problem.

  stalion 16:17 03 Jan 05
  herc182 16:17 03 Jan 05

otherwise look through here
click here

just type "auto run" into the search box on this website. comes up with quite a lot.

  babybell 16:25 03 Jan 05

both those suggestions only help with windows XP but my problem is in windows 98?

  herc182 16:30 03 Jan 05

try this

click here

obviously do the opposite.

  babybell 16:40 03 Jan 05

I checked and auto run was ticked. I right click on my cd rom icon and clicked auto run and the cd rom just kept clunking away for ages and everything froze, i imagine this must mean its a hardware problem

  herc182 16:43 03 Jan 05

i would tend to agree. although someone else may have an idea. this is a stab in the dark, but are there any viruses/worms etc that may cause this anyone?

otherwise just click here and get a new one....

  ReyesKing 16:49 03 Jan 05

did it just suddenly happen? once it works then next it doesnt?

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