CD-ROM advice

  thisisnighthawk 20:04 26 Jan 04
Locked grandaughters PC has a broken cdrom drive, it is on a compaq running win95, the thing is, are all drives the same? dont want to order one and then find it wont fit, i have taken the old one out..this one has the 4pin mains plug, the multipin plug on the ribbon cable, and a small 4pin shaped plug with "analog audio" written above it.....and last, would it have drivers for win95..........thanks

CD-ROM's are not very demanding regarding drivers, the only problem I've had was that some would not read CD-RW discs.

  thisisnighthawk 20:11 26 Jan 04

hi, we assume the drivers thingy will be ok, that just leaves the sockets on the back..

The sockets are OK. The 4 pin plug connects the CD to the sound card.

  thisisnighthawk 20:21 26 Jan 04

thanks, i will now order one for her...

  R4 20:27 26 Jan 04

IDE CD's all have the same connection sockets::

4 pin Power

40 pin IDE (flat ribbon cable) for data.

small 4 pin for analoque sound.

there is also a small 2 pin socket for digital sound you oly use one of these.

Make sure you set the jumpers at the back to the same as the old CD.

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