CD Ripping Help?

  B2K 21:00 27 Sep 04

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a decent (free if poss) app...
One that will rip audio CDs into MP3 for my portable player?

I need one that will rip a mixed cd (constant music) into ONE file, One that doesnt make lil gaps between mixes?

Tries allsorts and cant find one that doesnt leave gaps?


  dfghjkl 21:43 27 Sep 04

i belive that nero has the option of removing, although not free there are loads of oem copys about,i have three from cd/dvd upgrades,i passed the ones i dont need to friends but you might get an offer of one if you ask around,good luck,peter

  gillersuk 21:50 27 Sep 04

musicmatch would be your best bet. its free anhd will work fine, although can be up upgraded for more advanced use. YOu need to specify that it should not make gaps by going to options-->settings and then choose the recorder tab and then advanced tab and make sure that the 'active' checkbox under 'auto song detect' is unchecked. You can download musicmatch from click here

hope that helps.

  B2K 22:23 27 Sep 04

Thanks for the advice... Will try music match

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