CD Rewriter Problem

  tooter 15:33 20 Mar 05

My CD Rewrite has worked OK for three years but now a strange fault has developed, it plays music CD’s OK, it plays CD’s that I have created using the rewriter both music and data, it plays games that need a CD in the drive to play OK, but it will not now recognize or play Data CD’s i.e. Encyclopaedia Britannica or load new game CD’s. If I click the drive to load the program from the install icon there is nothing there the disc looks empty. I have tried to load disc that loaded ok before but when I click the drive there are no files there either. Two months ago I replaced my DVD drive with a DVD rewriter I don’t know if that has got anything to do with it. Thanks for any help.

  aceofbass 16:01 20 Mar 05

Have you recently installed software for a flash drive or similar?
I found similar problems on my machine were cured after I removed software for a USB flash drive.

  tooter 18:17 20 Mar 05

I fitted a USB Viking 6 in 1 Flash memory card reader a few months ago.

  aceofbass 16:05 21 Mar 05

Try removing its software.
If you are running XP it will recognise the device without the risk of driver conflict.

Good luck!

  tooter 17:00 21 Mar 05

If I try access the CD I get a message saying to put a CD in the drive when there is a disk in the drive, If I then reboot the computer with the CD still in the drive the disc is recognised and it runs ok, but the InCD icon in the system tray has a yellow exclamation mark on it, but it disappears if I boot minus a disc in the drive. There was no software supplied with it just the rewriting software.I am running XP Pro. I have fitted another rewriter from computer that was working ok and it does the same.

  rabies 17:19 21 Mar 05

I have a similar problem where both my dvd rom drive and my dvd writer would not read data. I see that you are using InCD, so am/was I for a long time now. I store a lot of files on InCD formatted disks but couldn't access the disks. Eventually, I had to uninstall Incd and download InCD cleaner and then InCD Reader from I still can't use InCD as I want to, but at least I can read the InCD disks and my drives work as they should. I don't know what's caused the problem but it only recently started playing up, even after downloading the latestest version. Good luck!

  tooter 14:49 22 Mar 05

I removed InCD Packet-Writing program I could then play CDs but I couldn’t Drag & Drop files so I reloaded Packet-Writing and fiddled with a few settings and rebooted and everything seems to be working ok. I don’t quite know what I did but I hope it keeps working. The problem defiantly lies with the InCD packet-Writing program but I do not know what was wrong. Thanks to anybody who tried to help.

  FelixTCat 15:38 22 Mar 05

Packet writing software has been iffy ever since packet writing software was invented. I would strongly recommend that you don't use it for anything that you seriously want to keep. Use it like a big floppy disk to move data from one pc to another. For anything else, use R for long-term and RW for short-term storage.

Better still, use DVD-RAM.

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