cd re-writer fails to open

i have e-machine combo, i have lost the cd re-writer icon from the screen and can no longer open it. any help please

  THE TERMINATOR 19:13 16 Jul 04

can't you press the button on the front to open it....TT

  SANTOS7 19:23 16 Jul 04

open my computer right click on drive will give you option to eject that will open drawer

  karmgord 19:32 16 Jul 04

I recon either the power cable has become disconnected or the unit has died,most units have a small hole on the front to manually eject.Some software locks the draw shut but because you have "lost" the unit out of my computor i doubt if thats the case!

  Bapou 20:50 16 Jul 04

Try shutting down the computer, not restart, then switch on again. Then press the CD Drive button to open.

It's worked for me on a occasions when the tray has stuck.

  Sans le Sou 21:04 16 Jul 04

Is it in device manager, if so delete the drive and reboot, should find it again.

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