cd-r problem

I have just bought a cd-rw drive.But when I save any progs. onto a cd it appears to be full, even though it has only used up about 62mb. Also my computer tells me I have 3 dvd disk drives installed when I only have 2. The odd one is called GENERIC STEALTH.Even if I remove it in the system properties,it appears again when I boot up.
Has anyone got any ideas?.

  johnOcookj88 23:25 27 Jan 03

When you burn on to a CDR (even if you only put a small amount of data on it) the burning program will write over the entire disc. This is because a table of contents is written onto the disc and this cannot be amended later. When you put a disc with any burned data in the CDRW drive attempting to insert more you will get a message saying the disc cannot be written onto any further. There's no way round this for CDRs. CDRWs however can be overwritten and re-used but again not added to after disc has been burned.

  pc moron 23:30 27 Jan 03

Which OS?

Which burning software are you using?

Which make of CD-RW?

  woody 23:46 27 Jan 03

What does "burned" mean?

Thanks guys. I didn't realize that it filled the cd regardless of how much was recorded on it. Seems a bit of a waste though doesn't it?. However I still don't know why I have that extra and non usable cd drive which appears in the list af hardware.

  pc moron 18:20 28 Jan 03

When you write data to a CD the system will also write additional information so it knows where to find the actual data you have written.

If you write a small amount of data to the CD then you should have lots of room to add more data at a later time.

It will not use an entire CD unless you tell it to by selecting "no furthe writing possible" or something similar.

  obbit 18:24 28 Jan 03

I use nero 5.5 and it has inCD which you can use to format a cdrw disk and use it as a big floppy. add to and delete when you wish.

no doubt there are other programs to do the same

  Stuartli 19:48 28 Jan 03

A CD-R can be written to until it is full by using it in multisession mode and importing the previous files each time you add new ones.

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