CD-R is not detecting in DVD or CD-ROM

  Nayeem 15:29 26 Oct 06

In my PC desktop (Dell Dimension E520) I was unable to burn CD. But it could burn DVD and CD-RW. So I added one CD-ROM, but it did not help either. CD-ROM can write on CD-RW but not on CD-R. While I try to write on CD using DVD or CD-ROM it can not detect CD-R. Pop up window gives message to insert CD-R. Interestingly CD-ROM and DVD both can read CD and run CD.

I will appreciate if anyone can help me out. If you have question about this complex situation, I will be available at [email protected].

Thanks lot - Anwar

  Technotiger 15:38 26 Oct 06

Hi, please do not give out your email address -all communication giving help where possible is done via this Forum, for all to see.


  Totally-braindead 16:15 26 Oct 06

Further to what Technotiger has said, if a person answers on your posting you will receive an email from PCA informing you that someone has replied. If you wish to contact someone direct you can use the envelope next to his/her name. Because this is a public forum it is not a good idea to post your email address like this.

Now regarding your posting its a bit confusing. There are basically 5 types of drives CDROM this can only read a CD, DVD ROM this can read DVDS and CDs, CD WRITERS this can read CDS and write to CDs and CDRW disks, DVD WRITERS these can read CDs, DVDs and write to them all as well and lastly a combi drive DVD CD writer can read CDs and DVDs and can write to only CDs.

I think from what you have said your original computer had a DVD WRITER and you have added a CD WRITER.
Now you don't mention what burning program you are using, assumming its Nero you can choose the drive to use. If you want to burn a CD you can use either drive, if you wish to burn a DVD then you can only use the DVD writer. Perhaps you are putting the CDR in the drive that isn't selected to burn the disk.
If this is not partly causing your problem then there are a few other things to check. Firstly have you tried another make of CD? Are you sure the CDs you have are actually ok? By this I mean have you tried getting someone else to burn a disk?
I think either you have a bad batch of CDs or your CD WRITER and your DVD WRITER just don't like the make of disk.
I would get some more CDRs and try them first.

  Technotiger 16:18 26 Oct 06

ps - you should ask the Forum Editor to remove your Post, and then you can re-Post without your email address. By advertising your address you are opening yourself up to all sorts of 'nasties'.

Click on "Contact Forum Editor"

It is not a problem, you will not be told-off - just part of the learning curve.


  Stuartli 16:45 26 Oct 06

A CD-ROM drive can only Read disks - you would need a CD-RW or DVD rewriter to burn as well.

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