CD-R access

  Ozz123 11:48 31 May 03

I am running a PIII system with windows 98SE and I have IE6 installed. I use Norton to protect my system. Also since this has happened I am unable to acess my D drive, which is a DMD126D DVD ROM, when using any of my back up CD-Rs. Software and audio discs will still run. I can still access the discs via my cd -rewriter. Please help!!

  AndySD 13:54 31 May 03

I am a little confused...since what happened? as in Since I loaded Nortons?

  Ozz123 19:03 01 Jun 03

Sorry typed the message in wrong.
Until recently I was able to access all of my CD-Rs. Then microsoft works window started appearing on start up, I did not relate this to anything until my CD-Rs could not be accessed. The MS works window issue has been solved by altering msconfig, however the CD-Rs still cannot be accessed. I have done a full system sweep and no viruses have been reported.

  canard 12:31 02 Jun 03

My pc has identical prob but no microsoft works and I don't associate it with Norton. O for a guru with the solution!

  AndySD 13:02 02 Jun 03

This was a known problem with Norton 2002.

But try going control Panel then system then device manager and remove the dvd drive... reboot and see if it solves the problem.

  Ozz123 18:14 02 Jun 03

Thanks AndySD, but have already tried this solution. However the CD-Rs were working with Norton 2002 then just stopped a couple of weeks ago.

  canard 13:24 03 Jun 03

Still hoping for help!

  Taran 13:37 03 Jun 03

If you put a magazine cover CD in your CD ROM, does it spin up and autoplay or do you get nothing at all ?

Does your burning software still allow you to burn CDs, is your CD ROM still displayed in My Computer and if you go into device manager (post again if you don't know how to get into it) when you expand the plus sign to the left of your hardware devices do any of them display either a cross or exclamation mark ?

While in device manager, double click your CD ROM device to call up its properties or click on the device once to highlight it then click on the Properties button and see if it details any conflicts or problems with the hardware.

Answer these questions and one of us will try and help further.



  Ozz123 19:54 03 Jun 03

Magazine cover CD autoplays.
Can still burn CDs with burning software.
CD ROM displayed in My Computer.
No cross or exclamation mark in device manager.
In the properties window of the DVD Rom drive it states "This device is working properly".

  canard 22:14 03 Jun 03


  canard 01:05 06 Jun 03

This is getting too far down so here goes to bump it up.

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