cd player mp3 compatible

  djbenny 14:10 09 Dec 05

hel;lo i wondereed if there was a way to burn music to a dvd in the way a cd is written as i have a cd player witch can read mp3 discs and a dvd would hopld more songs on it overall, is this possible or not

  VideoSentry 14:22 09 Dec 05

I use media player to put it on the computer then burn to disc as MP3 or WMA files.Though I doubt that a cd player will read DVD's,or do you mean a DVD player? If it is a DVD player let us know what type as some can play MP3 files but some cannot(recorded on DVD that is )

  djbenny 14:32 09 Dec 05

its a cd pl;ayer in a car, it can play mp3 cds i just wondered if there was a way of making it so the music was burnt in the same way as a cd to the dvd then it might possibly work?

  Freddog™ 16:34 09 Dec 05

Sorry, I'm afraid you can't.

  djbenny 17:06 09 Dec 05

they should make them then :P cheers for the answers though

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