cd to mp3 conversion

  Bellyfilla 22:16 19 Dec 06

I want to buy a small mp3 player and get some of my music from my cd's on to it. How do I do it? and, are there any free progs to do whatever you suggest. Many thanks for your help

  interzone55 22:23 19 Dec 06

Windows Media Player will rip CDs to MP3s, you'll need to alter the type in the Rip Music section of the options. Set it to MP3 and move the slider for quality to 192kbs.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:23 19 Dec 06

Lots of free programs and many MP3 players will come with the necessary program.

Waht player are you thinking of?

  daveh01 08:40 20 Dec 06

CDex is an easy to use freeware utility to rip audio files from CD to mp3 format.
click here

  jimmer409® 09:31 20 Dec 06

i use cheetah converter, very good and free

  realist 10:23 20 Dec 06

Try these for ripping and burning
click here

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