CD jitters!

  ThorPet 21:11 19 Apr 06

When I play an audio CD in my PC it jitters like the disc is scratched... the disc is fine and I have tried several different CD's with the same effect.

I have tried replacing the CD drive as I thought the lens might be misaligned but that hasn't resolved the problem.

Can anyone make a suggestion? Could it possibly be a fault on the ribbon cable?

  Totally-braindead 21:24 19 Apr 06

If you've tried a different drive and its the same I would be inclined to look at either the speakers or the sound card or the program you are using to play the CDs.

  ThorPet 21:42 19 Apr 06

It's not the speakers and it's an onboard sound - I'll try using some different software and also try fitting a separate sound card - thanks!

  Stuartli 22:35 19 Apr 06

If the lens had been misaligned it's unlikely you would get any sound at all.

Is the drive mounted firmly (screws secure but not overtightened) and the leads and cables securely and correctly attached?

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